uGamers Frequently Asked Questions

What is^

What other games do you support?^

Where our your servers located?^

What kind of hardware do your servers run on?^

How is the community run?^

Hackers, do you allow them?^

How does someone apply for membership?^

How can I rise through the ranks?^

Are admin powers REALLY free?^

What admin powers do you get in each rank?^

You mention responsibility, what do members have to do?^

But what happens if I can't be active?^

Is it possible to buy admin?^

What kind of ranking system do you use to keep track of player milestones?^

You don't have a server or game I like, will you make one for me?^

I love scrimmages. Does UltimateGamers play them?^

You missed something I wanted answered, can you add it to here?^